The Faithful Shipper Awards


Spring 2011 Winners (and 2nd & 3rd place finishers)

Best Author - Alternate Universe/Canon


WINNER:       TKegl
2nd Place:       KiyaRaven
3rd Place:        Katinki



Best Author - All Human


WINNER:       Kharizzmatik
2nd Place:      DurtyNelly



Best Author - RPF


WINNER:        SwimmingBee
2nd Place:        jakeward
3rd Place:         lostluggage



Best Alternate Universe/Canon - Fiction



WINNER:        Grasping Darkness by KiyaRaven
2nd Place:        Hide and Drink by Savage7289
3rd Place:         Beyond Time by Tkegl



Best All Human - Fiction


WINNER:        Pound of Flesh by jaxon22
2nd Place:        Buried Amongst the Begonias by DurtyNelly
3rd Place:         Sexy Silk by joho



Best Wolf Pack - Fiction

WINNER         We Know You by LJ Summers
2nd Place:        Wicked Games by Hitch

3rd Place:         Never Saw That Coming by LJ Summers



Best RPF - Rob & Kris Fiction


WINNER:      Behind The Lens by jakeward
2nd Place:     Ever After by jakeward and the shrew
3rd Place:      Behind The Reel by jakeward



Best RPF - Actor/Other Character Fiction


WINNER:         Days Like This by SwimmingBee
2nd Place:         Keep Me In Your Memory by gopher4953
                         Need to Escape by lostluggage



Best Classic- Alternate Universe/ Canon Fiction (Must have been originally posted between 1/2008-6/2010. Story must now be complete.)


WINNER:       The List by Laura Cullen
2nd Place:       And With Thee Fade Away by Derdriu oFaolain
3rd Place:        Blood Lines by windchime



Best Classic- All Human Fiction (Must have been originally posted between 1/2008-6/2010. Story must now be complete.)


WINNER:      Faking It by Spanglemaker
2nd Place:     Tropic of Virgo by
3rd Place:      Son of a Preacher Man by LaViePastiche



Best Classic- RPF Fiction (Must have been originally posted between 1/2008-6/2010. Story must now be complete.)


WINNER:         Behind the Reel by jakeward
2nd Place:         Polar by Witch Hazel



Best Oneshot - Alternate Universe/Canon


WINNER:       Il Mio Caro by jakeward
2nd Place:       A Change of Heart by blondie
3rd Place:       3 Times He Told Bella, and the 1 Time She Believed by Pastiche Pen



Best Oneshot - All Human


WINNER:        Same Time Tomorrow, Ms Swan by Savage7289
2nd Place:        Driving Headlong by EZRocksAngel
3rd Place:         Milk by Teambella23



Best Oneshot - RPF


WINNER:       Giving In by jakeward
2nd Place:       Seriously by jakeward
3rd Place:        In Character (one-shot) by millefiori



Versatility Award (Series do not count)


WINNER:       jaxon22
2nd Place:       BrattyVamp
3rd Place:        jakeward



Best WTF Title


WINNER:       The Misapprehension of Bella Swan Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Whores  by hunterhunting


2nd Place:       The Dick In Me by FictionFreak95

3rd Place:        FAP by 107yearoldvirgin