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A site devoted to Twilight fanfiction. Register to read some pretty amazing fanfictions.



A popular site for not only Twilight fanfiction, but other fanfiction realms as well.




 Twilight Awards

A great web site which lists a fair amount of Twilight FanFiction awards sites.

From Twilight Awards site :"Can't keep track of all those awards sites? It seems that in the absence of the original Twilight Awards (at this-paradise), a bunch of new ones have popped up.  Are they worth nominating/voting/winning?  What are they?  Where are they?  When is everything happening?

Those are the questions we're trying to answer here.  We provide links and our honest opinions & impressions of the different awards.  Check out our Awards Calendar for all the important nomination, voting, and announcement dates."


 The Mystic Awards

This is a site dedicated to Twilight fanfictions. More precisely, to those who have worked really hard on their own storyline for the much beloved Twilight series. 

They also are on Twitter @TheMysticAwards



Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer's website. Without her, there would be no Twilight fanfiction or awards.