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Awards 2013!

Nominations extended!

thru April 21, 2013

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The Faithful Shipper



Faithful Shipper Awards goal is to bring new readers to stories and authors no matter the review count. Our goal is to give both established stories and authors, as well as those new to the fandom, a chance to be recognized for their work.

Stories must be posted on either or, and must not have been pulled for or in the process of being pulled for publication. 


 The awards goal is to:

  • Place a focus on writers and their works that are less known by the fanfic reading world. We ask that you consider this in your nomination process. 
  • Place a focus on fictions that draw you in, make you forget real life, and can't wait for an update. We have no limits to reviews, read counts, complete or incomplete.
  • To help highlight authors and their works that are just outside the spotlight. These authors may have a good following and a good amount of reviews, but are overlooked in other awards. They write quality chapters, one shots, and series that just don't get the attention they deserve. 

 **DISCLAIMER:  Please be considerate of the ratings before reading. We will NOT be held responsible for the ratings of the nominated fics, however, we will be more than happy to provide the ratings of the finalists and winners.**